Skee Targets

Even the most professional golfer needs to work on their short game. Those shots from 40-yards and in, cost players thousands of strokes a summer.

The Inflatable Skee Target by Birdieball has four separate targets areas (with increasing difficulty) and “sand traps” to catch any wayward shots. The Skee Target utilizes the limited flight (only 40-yards on a FULL SWING) BirdieBall and is a great game to challenge participants regardless of age or handicap.

Give the attendees of your event the opportunity to work on their “scoring zone” shots with this award-winning product. Make it easy and set the point values and let your guests go at it HEAD-to-HEAD or simply let them work on their short game – it’s completely up to you! However you decide to showcase your event, the Inflatable Skee Target is sure to garner lots of attention.


$390 / Day

Rent Two and have a Shoot Out!

Pricing does not include GST or Mileage (if applicable)


Get instant brand recognition with an amazing option available with the Inflatable Skee Target. Steadfast Rentals can place a velcro version of YOUR branded banner across the front bottom of the target ensuring all participants will know who sponsored such a unique and entertaining game!


8' Tall X 8' Wide X 10' Deep


1 Vinyl Covering to fit Air target Bottom for advertising banner to be displayed


Inflates and Fully Sets up in a matter of minutes


Setup and take down done On-site by a member of the Steadfast Rentals team

What is BirdieBall?

winner of the prestigious “Best New Product” at the PGA merchandise show in 2005!

BirdieBall is the limited flight golf ball that has revolutionized the art of practicing. It has been called one of, if not, the best training tool invented in the last century.

What makes Birdieball so unique?

The science behind the design of the BirdieBall is what creates its unique properties and function. When looking at a BirdieBall you would think it resembles a napkin ring – and honestly, it does. However, it is that specific look that restricts its flight to 40-yards, even with a full swing.

Q. So why is it such a great tool if it only goes 40 yards?

A. It reacts just like a golf ball! You can hook it, draw it, slice it or fade it – giving you instant feedback as you practice anywhere!

Also Available – Contact Us for More Info

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