Birdie Hoops & Birdie Targets

Do you want to try the revolutionary BirdieBall but don’t have enough space or budget to rent the Birdieball Skee Targets for your upcoming event? No need to worry. The BirdieHoops and BirdieTargets will still take your event to the next level. This inexpensive and smaller alternative to the BirdieBall Skee Targets still offers your guests a chance at hitting the revolutionary BirdieBalls off their strike pads for the first time.

These versatile netted targets are ideal for creating head-to-head challenges and honestly, they are just plain fun. The hoops and targets can be used individually or in combination with each other, to create a large target area with a smaller (more demanding) inside target. Being lightweight and portable makes them a hassle-free option for hosting a pre-tournament or one-course challenge!

Once your event is over the BirdieTarget collapses flat to fit into a small storage bag for easy transportation!

The package comes:

  • 3 Birdie hoops w/ Birdie targets
  • 2 Strike Pads
  • 80 Birdie Balls

$150 / Day

Pricing does not include GST or Mileage (if applicable)



Making practice fun results in more efficient practice


Practice your short-game virtually anywhere


Can be used indoors or outdoors


arched backstop that forces the BirdieBall down into the base and keeps the ball inside the target


Packs up into a small carry bag and is easily transportable

What is BirdieBall?

winner of the prestigious “Best New Product” at the PGA merchandise show in 2005!

BirdieBall is the limited flight golf ball that has revolutionized the art of practicing. It has been called one of, if not, the best training tool invented in the last century.

What makes Birdieball so unique?

The science behind the design of the BirdieBall is what creates its unique properties and function. When looking at a BirdieBall you would think it resembles a napkin ring – and honestly, it does. However, it is that specific look that restricts its flight to 40-yards, even with a full swing.

Q. So why is it such a great tool if it only goes 40 yards?

A. It reacts just like a golf ball! You can hook it, draw it, slice it or fade it – giving you instant feedback as you practice anywhere!

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